Residency at Jacquard

I recently had the pleasure of creating an artwork at Jacquard’s headquarters in Healdsburg, California. With the help of owner Asher Katz, we used SolarFast photographic emulsions in conjunction with silkscreened imagery to create this new set of art curtains for my storefront studio space. The imagery is evocative of the type of television repair shop you would have once seen in my neighborhood. The colors and letters in the screens are loosely based on my experience having grapheme-color synesthesia – a neurological phenomenon that causes involuntary permanent visual associations between colors, numbers, letters, and words. The curtains will be on-view to the public all winter long at 351 Evergreen Ave. Rear Storefront in Bushwick, Brooklyn.




I have a number of exciting projects percolating that I am eager to share.

First of all, I will be giving a lecture about my work as a visiting artist at The Oxbow School in Napa, California on Tuesday, November 3rd at 7pm. It is free and open to the public. Directions can be found here.

I am looking forward to visiting the Jacquard factory in Healdsburg, California this November where I will be working on a special project. Jacquard is a manufacturer of a broad range of artist materials, including tie dye kits.

My exhibition space, Rear Storefront, has extended the current show of etchings by Suzanne Frazier through the end of October. Click the link to make an appointment or simply drop by.

I am also working on a new inflatable public sculpture! Here is a progress shot: